Spring-Ish St. Patrick’s Day

We saw a hint of nice weather this morning… for about two hours which was just long enough for me to get out and get a few pictures.  Shortly after I went back inside an interesting snow/hail mix started to fall.  Delightful. 

The crocus are the first to believe in spring.  When I see them open up, my heart starts to open up as well to the idea that there will soon be warmth and sunshine and green.

Crocus, the eternal optimists.

Did I mention that it snowed today?  I thought I did.  Anyway, I decided that lunch today called for something hot, and I’d been craving Jen’s recipe for Chana Masala over at Bakin’ and Eggs.  It was perfect today with a big dollop of plain yogurt to cool it down a bit.  Word to the wise if you are feeding kids or don’t like too much spice, go easy on the cayenne.

In other exciting news, the UPS man was kind enough today to bring me my Cowpots, which means that I can work on getting my seeds started!

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